DGS Embroidery recognizes that you have a right to privacy, and we will not give or sell anyone specific information about you or any orders you have placed through the DGS Embroidery Service except that:

  • DGS Embroidery may share information about you or an order that you have placed with a relevant Institution in order to allow such Institution to review the use of the Licensed Marks as necessary
  • DGS Embroidery may provide information about you and your order to its subcontractors
  • DGS Embroidery may share information about you with its marketing partners and affiliates for purposes of marketing DGS Embroidery.
DGS Embroidery employs third party cookies which are used to target customers for advertising purposes. DGS Embroidery collects information (including email addresses) that allows us, among other things, to: process and fill your order; contact you regarding the processing of your order; share your design with those whom you request; improve our website and service; and send informative and promotional emails that may be of interest to you. While this information may be used by us for marketing purposes, it is never shared or sold to other organizations for commercial purposes.